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Sprinkler System Winterization Company on Long Island

When the summer is over and the weather begins to change, your grass and shrubs become dormant for the winter. Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on irrigation systems. Properly winterizing your sprinkler system is the most important thing you can do to avoid damaging your system during the cold winter months.

Complete Sprinkler System Winterization of Your Long Island Residential or Commercial Sprinkler System

On Long Island, our weather can drop below freezing as early as October. Any residual water left in sprinkler pipes can expand and freeze during the winter months, causing sprinkler pipes to crack. To safeguard against freeze damage, your system must be properly shut down for the winter. Hi-Tech Irrigation has the tools and experience to ensure that this process is completed correctly and thoroughly. Our winterization process includes:

  • Turning off the main water supply from your home to your in-ground sprinkler system
  • De-activating all controllers and sprinkler valves
  • Removal of water from your sprinkler pipes with high-powered air compressors

It can be difficult to predict when the first freeze will occur. We recommend winterizing your irrigation system between early October to mid November. Hi-Tech Irrigation offers winterization services as part of our yearly service contract.

Contact the sprinkler system experts at Hi-Tech Irrigation today to schedule you Long Island residential or commercial sprinkler system winterization.

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